June 9, 2008

Tel Aviv 100 by Jean-Baptiste Avril

Mark your agenda!

A new exhibition, titled "Silent City", will open at the Heder Gallery (Gottlieb street no 11) on December 4th 2008. This exhibition features beautiful black and white architecture pictures of Tel Aviv. (In 2003, Tel Aviv was designated UNESCO World Heritage Status for its "White City".) Jean-Baptiste Avril's intuitive timing and distinctive camera angles produced bold portraits of hundreds of modern structures. Through Avril's lens, buildings become unique studies of mass, shadow, and light. A book will be published (french, english, german, spanish & hebrew). The exhibition will close on January 15th 2009. Here's a copy of the press release and photos from the show. (Click on any photograph to examine a full-size version)

"I love chaotic cities. Rationally speaking, our relation is gratuitous. I owe them nothing and in return they expect nothing of me, particularly not a judgment. Chaos is the anti-conformism of humanity. Of course, it has its rules, but above all the freedom to find what you were not looking for.
Tel Aviv is in fact an old story of love and freedom. Rather like Athens, at one time, and Bangkok, at another. The freedom to live and take photographs. They have in common a delirious, cosmopolitan frenzy dotted with little islands of quiet bordering on the paradoxical. But what takes shape there is the presence of man and his everyday life.
I do not know exactly how many voyages and how many adventures. I know only the value of deserved time. Deserved because linked to the search for a necessary balance. It is indeed easier to co-operate with a consenting, consensual city. It is not the same with dreams and fantasies. I have even dreamed of living there! But what is the point of owning the dream, owning life…
But I am a photographer, I am only a photographer. After all, it is only a question of light and persuasion. A little air, too, particular smells, the rhythm of noise and silence, apart from my footsteps.
Photographing a city such as this one is not a rational process.
Early in the morning, at an intersection, I hesitate between two streets. In the first, an interesting building, perhaps even two. In the second, I see nothing other than the promise of a dreamy light. I choose the light…

Taking photographs is not passing judgement। A camera, a lens, two rolls of film in my pocket। Restricting options and choices as much as possible. No tripod, of course, because it gives a stability that I would gladly do without. Nothing but space and light, a sort of urban yoga."
Jean-Baptiste Avril

© Jean-Baptiste Avril

For more information about Jean-Baptiste Avril go check out his photo.net Gallery at http://photo.net/photos/jb-avril or visit his official website at http://www.jb-avril.com/.



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