June 9, 2008

High-rise Buildings

Shalom Meir Tower (Hebrew: מגדל שלום מאיר‎, Migdal Shalom Meir; commonly shortened to מגדל שלום, Migdal Shalom) is an office tower in Tel Aviv which contains a small commercial center. The Shalom Meir tower was the first magnificent and tall tower to be built in Israel and when its construction was completed, it rivaled the tallest buildings in Europe in height, and was the tallest in the Middle East. The tower has 34 floors and stands at a height of 142 m, it was completed in 1965.

108m ° The Isrotel Tower was built in 1997. It is the highest tower in the seaside area of Tel Aviv. An open swimming pool is located at the roof of the tower, which is said to be the highest swimming pool in Israel.

98m ° The Sonol Tower was built in 2005. It was designed by the Moore-Yasky-Sivan architecture firm.

140m ° Tel Aviv TowersThe two towers are part of 4 towers complex, 2 of them are already built and the other 2 will be built southwards of them. Construction end: 2000

61m ° The Hilton Hotel was built in 1965, and was one of the first big international hotel chains to be constructed in Tel Aviv. It was designed by the famous Israeli architect Jaacob Rechter. The Hotel is located in the center of a big seashore park.

154m ° The Azrieli Center is a complex of three skyscrapers in Tel Aviv. The Square Tower was built in 2007.

244m ° The City Gate tower, officially called the Moshe Aviv Tower is a skyscraper located in the demarcated area of the bursa (diamond stock exchange) on Jabotinsky Road in northern Ramat Gan, Israel. It is the tallest building in Israel, surpassing the Azrieli Center Circular Tower when it was built. Construction end: 2003.



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