June 9, 2008

Daniel Libeskind Architect

Oriya by Daniel Libeskind is an exceptional residential brand being created in Israel by American Colony Real Estate Development, with two prestigious locations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Wohl Centre Ramat-Gan
The new convention center for Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel creates space for the university to hold performances, lectures, special events and conferences. The project has been generously funded by Maurice Wohl. Voices and its Echoes stands at the gateway to the University, bringing together the two essential components of the Bar-Ilan University: the secular and the sacred. Apparent in the form of the building, which was completed in October 2005, is the interrelation between the dynamics of knowledge, the Book, and the unifying role of faith, the Spine. The exciting form of the auditorium, lobbies, seminar rooms and public spaces are penetrated by the “labyrinth of letters” in which an ancient constellation of hierarchies is made visible. SDL worked with Ortam-Sahar Ltd to construct the Centre.



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