June 9, 2008

Ron Arad | Israeli Design Museum, Holon

The 2000 sqm museum was designed by world famous Israeli designer Ron Arad and will be part of the mediatheque। The Israeli design center was established in september 2004, within the mediatheque, headed by dr. Razi Amitay, which contains a new, updated city library, and a new theatre for young audiences. The new Design Museum is located in an area of regeneration in the city of Holon a few miles south of Tel Aviv. As part of the municipality's desire to strengthen cultural identity and impact on a national level, research for the museum explored how it could become a cultural and educational hub for central Israel to promote the appreciation of design in Israel and of Israeli design abroad. The israeli design center aims to act as an information center for designers, industrialists, academy members and students, business initiators, and for the general public that finds design professionally and culturally interesting, they run theme conferences, conventions, lectures, workshops to encourage the meeting and discussion of design issues.the center have run 2 successful design conferences.
Read more about the museum on the website of Royal College of Art .

Interior view of design museum, rendering by Ron Arad



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